11 Years
Jan 29, 2008
What are your personal experiences of having a walk-in-coop vs. a coop that humans cant go inside of?

Pros/Cons etc..

Only way to have them in my opinion. A lot easier to clean, and collect eggs if you can walk in. You can see an example of one of my pens HERE .
yes i agree i love mine! My birds are free range but when they are "snowed in" in the winter they have much more room! They go out nearly everyday unless the snow is deep!
What I call a coop seems to be a little different than what I see here. I have a coop, which is a barn like building, then a run off of it, which is a pen. I walk into both of mine. I have friends that have nest boxes in their runs and that works out okay too, but they can walk into their runs to clean the boxes. The main thing is that your able to clean where they roost and the nest boxes.
I have a small square barn with2 wide windows for ventilation, nest boxes on each end, and a long roost on one side, they also have a run which is like a dog pen. They both have man doors to walk intoo. and we usually open them up so they can be out in the yard!
I understand what you mean, these are fly pens where I keep my breeding stock. I don't use traditional coop set ups, I use these fly pens as chickens do much better outside in my opinion, I just use the barrels so they can get out of the bad weather if they want, and I put tarps over the top of the pens in the winter months. I also try to free range everything I can, but have large fly pens for stuff that I can't allow to free range.
CUDA, I have a question. What is the tire for? Just curious. I am considering building several of these and put side by side for breedin pens. I do think I will put a tarp over the top in winter that will partially cover the sides? Or some variation of that. Maybe put a permanent roof on it to help with the rain downpours we have here in the south. But the basic building looks like something I could build myself. If you happen to have plans for it, I would be very interested in any further info. You can PM me or email me. Thanks.

The top of the pens are top netting, so the tire keeps the post from rubbing through the netting. You can see more details of my pens HERE . If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. Good luck!

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