Want a custom logo? Well I can make you one ! =D

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  1. I do art quite often for other people and myself. While I am a stay at home mom I've found myself doing a lot of logos and other types of art for people in my spare time between chores/animals/kids/etc. Having done this for many years now I have plenty of samples of my work and what you can expect out of a logo you order from me. I prefer to do just black and white but can do color graphics for more payment.

    For a logo most professionals charge hundreds of dollars but you will find I'm a LOT cheaper but just as good. Price varies depending on detail and size of your logo desired.

    Very little Detail & Size - $25
    Moderate Detail & Size - $35
    Extreme Detail & Size- $50
    Color and Lots of Detail - $100

    I also take trades - of course I'm a chicken addict. Incubators, hatching eggs of interest (later on after incubator is fixed or new one is acquired), building materials, chickens of interest (only local to my area please), and the list goes on. Don't be shy, if you have something your interested in offering let me know. The worst I can say is no thank you.






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    Hmmmm. Could you possibly make me some labels? I am trying to find a way to make labels for my egg cartons. I use the clear plastic cartons so my lovely eggs will show up well, and I would like to have my name, address, two places for the dates (packing date and use by date) and a little picture. My kennel name is FaerieSpun because I like fairies and my little dogs look like fairies and I am a spinner. So I call my eggs FaerieSpun Eggs, and I was thinking of a little picture like a little hen, regular hen like a RIR, and a nest with eggs and perhaps a chick or two and maybe a tiny fairy flying above her?

    Or is this not the sort of thing you do? Have you ever made a logo for labels?

    I cannot afford something really expensive, and I don't think I have anything you would want to trade, unless I could crochet you an afghan!
  3. I could create the logo art but you would have to get them printed out on little stickers for your cartons. I could suggest a few places online where you could have that done.

    As for payment. Could you send me some photo samples of things you've crochet'ed? [​IMG] I could go for something cute if you do custom things.
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    You know what, I don't know how to post photos, being technically inept.

    You are the second person who has asked for a photo of something, so I guess I had better learn.

    I am going to the Sheep and Wool Festival in Md this weekend, at least I think I am, so busy this week. How to Post Photos is going to be my project for next week.
  5. Quote:[​IMG] I will PM you some directions on how to do it. Its very easy once you see how its done.
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    Quote:I need a Banner (logo w/word) that I can use to advertise on other sites, like eggbid, ovabid, etc... how much?
  7. Pmed ya [​IMG]

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    I'd like to look into a banner too. I made one, but you could prolly do alot better, lol.
  9. Quote:Pm'ing you [​IMG]

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