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11 Years
Oct 4, 2008
Olive Branch MS
A couple of weeks ago I posted my experiment to get the girls to lay. What I did was I released them into a large fenced yard in the morning - no feed or very little and mainly laying pellets. At night, put them back in their fenced pen with house and fed them mainly laying pellets and corn/oyster shell. Even though I live in Mississippi and get 14 hrs. of sun, I placed a 15w light in their house, which doesn't get much sunlight. I've left light on 24/7. However, will put on timer to turn off around 10am and back on around 8pm.

Out of 8 hens, I was only getting 1 maybe 2 eggs a day. Now 5-6 eggs per day (one is being broke fron sitting right now). So, I think it has worked, more light, more laying pellets vs. corn and all day to dine on grass and bugs. Maybe this will help you.

Janet in Mississippi

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