Want the happiest chickens in the world...


8 Years
Sep 23, 2011
Dump a bag of peat moss into their run and watch what happens. Mine sprint to it and literally wallow with joy in it. I know there are some ethical questions about the way it's harvested/mined but nothing- not even meal worms- makes my girls happier.
Nobody goes anywhere near the sandbox if I put peat moss in their pen. I don't even spread it around, they take care of it:)
I don't do it often but when I do they literally writhe in it for days.

Those are some happy looking chickens!!
Now if you want you and the chickens happy, put a little hardwood ashes, and permethrin or De in it too. Gone are the possible mites and chickens love the ashes charcoal and all. Only hardwood stove ashes though. Other kinds like from grills have chemicals in them. They are happy. That is what I use in their dusting area where I had my coop before and will again this winter. Just be sure the Peat Moss is kept dry. When You need to remove it , it will be a pain to take up if wet. It will pack. Gloria Jean

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