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  1. I really want to hatch out some of my own eggs, come next spring . However, I had a hen with Marek's disease, last winter, and therefore, have the disease on my property( they were the first chickens I had ever had. I purchased her and three other hens as adults). The chicks I got in March, now 6 months old, were all ordered being vaccinated with the Marek's vaccine. Is it just bad practice to even considering hatching out my own, knowing that they would be exposed to this? I know that if I were to allow one of my hens to hatch out the chicks, they would be instantly exposed to the disease, but would I be able to consider hatching out my own with an incubator, then vaccinate them myself with the Marek's vaccine at one day old? They wouldn't go outside till they were at least 4 weeks old, in their own brooder/pen area. After dealing with my hen with Marek's disease, my avian vet said she wouldn't get more chickens if she were me, unless I ordered them vaccinated against Marek's. I won't do it if it really is too big of a risk. Any advice?
    Thanks so much!
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    The chicks I got last week were vaccinated as soon as they hatched and shipped the same day. You should be able to order the Mareks vaccine and do it yourself. I haven't had chickens before, but we do all our own shots on the cats, dogs and horses here. We order from: http://www.jefferslivestock.com/ssc...E85WP9LRQ4HH8NV41BSHL5JH453PAK7E&area=poultry Enter this # into the search box - F7-J7 for the Mareks vaccine. [​IMG]
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    Quote:Most adult chickens are Marek,s carriers even they never succumbed to this desease.

    So I would be not worry about your property being Marek's affected.

    To have piece of mind you can vaccinate your chicks yourself.

    Ordering birds from hatchery is OK, but nothing will beat the feeling of hatching your own.

    Go for it.

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