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    Mar 12, 2011
    I have 25 hens of various breeds , 3 of which are Ameraucana's and 1 rooster that is an Ameraucana. I want more Ameraucana's , so how do I accomplish that ? Do I need to separate the Ameraucana's from the rest of the flock and let them procreate ? How do I know when the eggs are fertile? I am lost on how to start this process. Thank you in advance.
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    Is the Ameraucana the only rooster? If so, hatching pure Ameraucana should be relatively easy as you would need only take the Ameraucana eggs for incubation. If there are any other roosters of other breeds in the flock then, yes, you would need to separate the birds desired rooster and hens to assure that the eggs are fertilized by the intended rooster.
    To determine fertility you can either set a test batch and candle to detect development or crack a few "test eggs" and examine the germinal disc (small white disc on the yolk) to see if it is fertile or not -- a fertile one will have a characteristic "bullseye" appearance. There are several posts and threads here on BYC with examples of fertile and infertile eggs -here is one example:
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    Your roo should easily cover your 25 gals. Simply check fertility. If it's lacking, you might need to segregate him for a week, and then let him romp with just the 3 gals you want to hatch eggs from. All those eggs should be fertile within a couple of days.
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    Mar 12, 2011
    Thank you for the responses. It really helps a lot. I feel a bit like I am learning the facts of life all over again , only chicken style. Lol !
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    It's as easy or as complicated as people make it.......If you have a Rooster and hens?

    Try hatching the eggs....I have hatched Chicks and just popped them under my Hen...all 7 hatched yesterday...it's called nature and it happens......sorry but others try and make it so complicated and act like its a real hard thing to raise Chickens....They are if you complicate the simpleness of the Bird!.....

  6. Jules0988

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    Mar 12, 2011
    Thank you. I assume nature can just take its course, I will just give it a try and see what happens.
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    Well, it can be simple.....and it's great fun when all goes smoothly.
    But there are also a plethora of considerations to contemplate, and/or complications that you may have to deal with.
    Especially if you haven't ever hatched before, best to learn as much as possible before proceeding...will reduce crisis mode emergencies.

    Getting the eggs fertilized is pretty easy with healthy and cooperative birds.
    Hatching them out is another matter.
    Will you use a broody hen....do you have a broody hen??
    Or will you use an incubator?

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