Wanted Chicks or eggs SWMo


11 Years
Aug 4, 2008
Looking for a few EE's a few white egg layers and maybe a few brown egg layers. Im looking for pure or mutt chicks i just want some white egg layers and blue/green egg layers. And could get a few more brown egg laying chicks to replace some of my older chickens. If i get chicks i need no more then 10 if i get eggs i will take 18 to 24 eggs. I live close to Joplin prefer to pick up but as long as im not charged to much im willing to buy eggs and have them shipped.
I have EE Bantam Hatching Eggs
I have split light/coro sussix eggs I live in NW Ar and maybe some chicks in a week or New Hampshire chicks in 2 weeks
Hi I have a few different white egg layers. Golden Campines, Polish, Sicilian Buttercups, Blue Andalusians, and Anconas, Plus Americanas, and plenty
of brown egg layers. I would be willing to sell you 2 dozen egss for $24.00 and the shipping is $15.00.
Thanks, Randy.

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