Wanted: Ducks and/or Geese in KY Found and Picked Up

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  1. BirdMom

    BirdMom Songster

    Mar 15, 2009
    A predator of some kind dragged off and ate our Pekin drake this a.m. [​IMG] We thought we had their house secure, but apparently not.

    We just have a Pekin hen left, and she's desperately lonely. We've got her in the house right now, in the bathtub, but if we're not in there with her, she just does this long sad quack, over and over. I am looking at making a duckie diaper for her and make her a house duckie, but I'm sure she'd love being outside with some company more. When we have her outside right now, she just sits in front of the living room window looking at us and quacking.

    We would love to find another duck or ducks to keep her company, any kind, any age, hopefully free or very cheap. We are near Georgetown and could drive an hour or maybe a bit more to pick them up.

    I don't know if geese would be good company for her, but we also want some geese, so if you have geese, any kind, any age, available, let me know.

    We raised these sweet ducks from a day old, and the one dragged off today was my favorite, Splash. We named him Splash because he was always falling in the water, the food, anything and everything there was to fall into, he was there! So cute.

    Thanks for any help you can give. We really don't want to get as many ducklings as the hatcheries minimum orders are right now, and our feed stores don't have anything right now, either. I don't have an incubator right now and I don't think our poor Splish wants to wait long enough for company for us to hatch some friends for her.
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  2. BirdMom

    BirdMom Songster

    Mar 15, 2009
    Found someone nearby with two pekin hens who also lost their drake to a predator recently, so I'll be picking up two friends (laying!) for our pekin hen tomorrow! [​IMG]
  3. shelleyd2008

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    Sep 14, 2008
    Adair Co., KY
    Where are you in KY? I'm in Columbia, and I have too many pekin drakes!! The easiest one to catch is only about 3 months old, but he should be ready by this summer. Or I have 2 adults, it would just take a bit of maneuvering to catch one! Let me know! [​IMG]
  4. ohioruss

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    Nov 14, 2008
    I have 2 pair of geese , I would sell if you are intereted, Emden and buff cross. I live around dayton,ohio.
  5. BirdMom

    BirdMom Songster

    Mar 15, 2009
    Thanks everyone!

    We were able to get a couple of Pekin hens to keep ours company today, so fortunately she won't be alone anymore. Though she's got quite used to spending the nights in the bathtub and getting to talk to us all the time. If she gets lonely, inside the house or sitting on the front lawn in front of the window, she does her big sad quack, and the minute she sees us come in the room or come out to see her, she starts all these cute little conversational quacks, just like she's talking to us.

    Ducks are so cute and so much fun!

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