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I am a classroom teacher who hatches with her class every year. My kids often think all eggs are white and all chicks are yellow so I try to get a variety of different eggs to teach them about diversity. The person I have bought eggs from the last 3 years is no longer on this board so here is what I am looking for:

Eggs in a variety of colors and sizes (love the bantams!)

I have a small budget but am always willing to pitch in my own money for this project. The chicks go to farms and I have a list of people waiting for my birds again this year. Thanks for looking and I appreciate any help you can give me!

I am not familiar with a county extension agent. Can you explain what that is and how I might find them?
You can find yours with this link. They are an education extension of your state land grant university, set up to provide answers on a wide variety of questions. If they don't know personally they can get help from experts at the university. They are the link between the exerts at the university and the people that can use the information.


These are the people that make the 4-H program run. They are usually tied in with the Master Gardeners program. If you were in Arkansas one of the professors in the U of Arkansas poultry science department would give you hatching eggs, though you may need to pick them up. Here the county extension agent would probably put you in direct contact with that professor. Your agent should also know people in the area that have chickens.

I wouldn't be shocked if they didn't even have a grade-appropriate curriculum tied to hatching in class. They may be able to line you up with a hatching expert or even help provide equipment for a teacher hatching in the classroom. Not all agents are good, but that kind of stuff is their job.
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I have a flock of chickens that lays a bunch of different color eggs. I get pink, green, white, brown, darker pink and tannish eggs. The chicks will just be a barnyard mix, but several of my roosters are frizzled so the chicks are super cute! It does cost me about 15$ to ship and i typically charge $5 for a dozen hatching eggs, but if you can't get eggs from the link above I can work with you on price, since they are for a school project. I have one hen who lays bantam eggs and everyone else is large fowl

here are some of the eggs i get:

and here is some of my flock:

Hello! I would be happy to help out, if things fall through with the above people. I have brahma bantams, Easter eggers, Olive eggers, black stars, silver spangled hamburgs, and BLR wyandottes. Here is a pic of a few of them, taken yesterday:


The eggs will be free, but you will have to pay for shipping costs. Thank you!

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