wanted in NJ: assortment of eggs (Maran, BO, Cochins, Sumatra, Polish)


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Apr 9, 2007
HI all, I'm buying my first bator- and I have lots of chickens and ducks. I don't have the above mentioned chickens though (or actually I do have 3 Sumatra hens, but no Roos.)
Is there anyone out there who already has these breeds (Maran, BO, Cochin,Sumatra,and Polish and anything really interesting)and has pure eggs to sell? I'd love it if I could get a few of each from 1 person, but that might be alot to expect. I'll be trying it out this first time with my mutt EE eggs and pure Blue Andalusian eggs. I have Turkens that I could isolate and get pure eggs from at some point, if anyone is interested in them. My Sultan pair in not giving me any eggs right now. I think they are both molting from the looks of their pen-white feathers everywhere!
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I could help you out with the Polish, and maybe a few (literally, 2 or 3) Cuckoo Marans eggs, but that is all...sorry!! Mergmet (www.endlessfarm.net) has a lot of different breeds and is in VA, she may have more of those breeds on your "wish list".

But if you are interested in any large fowl white crested black Polish, I can definitely do that. My Marans are trying to go broody and I'm not getting too many eggs from them, but I am always willing to send whatever I get from them as extras with a set of Polish eggs. You can check out my web site in my sig line for pics/info.

Oh, and congrats on your first incubator!
Welcome to the ranks of us hatch-a-holics!
Hi Crunchie! Thanks! I will check out your webpage....and once I get it and set it up (and maybe try it out with some of my mutt eggs here-should I try that first?) then I"ll write back or PM you. I'll also try out that link for endlessfarm you gave too. Thanks so much. I see an assortment of eggs on Ebay too today, that is tempting, but its too soon.
Thanks again....will be in touch.
Just a bump so that maybe someone will see my question and answer it....when I get my first incubator (soon,in a few days), should I run it with mutts or a couple eggs first to make sure all is well, or fill it up and put my pure eggs from trades and purchases (and my own pure breeds in my backyard) in it? What have you all done before? This is my first run with incubating eggs ever. I so want to buy peoples' eggs who have what I'm looking for...but now or later?
It's probably a good idea to do a test run with your own eggs--I would use whatever you have available to you that you will want (or have a use for, or can sell/give away). So if you have purebreds in your backyard and you want a few more, use your purbred eggs. If you want to try your mutts 'cause you need to add a few more layers to your backyard flock, use your mutt eggs.

The first time I incubated I didn't have any fertile eggs on the farm, so I bought a dozen eggs to try--I bought a breed that I just wanted to add to the backyard laying flock and found inexpensive eggs. I personally wouldn't want to fill my incubator the first time around with several batches of purchased eggs--it's risky even if you've done it before! But I totally understand the urge to buy a bunch of fun eggs, trust me!

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