Wanted: Muscovy ducklings


11 Years
Oct 22, 2008
Corning IA
Im looking for Moscovy ducklings in WV or SW Iowa, or anywhere on I-74 inbetween. I travel to and from parkersburg WV reguarly, and live in both SW Iowa and WV. There for I can pick up ducklings from a variaty of states that would be on my travel path, or with in 1 hour of Parkersburg.
color isn't that important.. I have just wanted Moscovy for a while and they are really hard to find in iowa.
Thanks for any help
Well, if you can't find any Scovies on your route and are willing to make a side trip 2hr north of Indianapolis sometime, I'd be willing to give you two or three Scovies for the trouble of coming out of your way. I have some 5-6wk old feathering out now and 16 2wk olds. Available colors are black, black pied & a few blues. There are also some blues in the 2wk olds. Cute, cute!!! PM me if interested.
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