Wanted Show Breeders in Illinois


12 Years
May 27, 2009
I am interested in buying a few Cochin Bantams, standard Barred Rock, Standard Americaunas and maybe a few others for my small flock. I want to buy from people with excellent quality such as show breeders.

If you live between Rockford Illinois and La Salle Illinois, or as far west as Clinton Iowa to as far east as Plainfield, and have show quality poultry please contact me!

I am not interested in showing myself, I just want extra nice chickens at my home.
I have 2 good looking cochin frizzle bantams roos and I might have a pollet. I have about 5 barred pollets and I have a good looking EE but no Ameraucanas. I have other good quality breeds if u are interested.

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