WANTED: Show Quality Bantam Eggs - CA

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    I am in desperate need of SQ bantam hatching eggs for my daughter's to show for 4-H. I ordered a batch of SQ bantam eggs from Eggbid and the hatch was almost a total bust. [​IMG] Most were clear and out of 15 eggs, I have only 3 that have the potential to hatch on Saturday. Just candled all and I'm so bummed.

    Anyway, let me know what you have and how much you are asking. Ideally, I'd like 12 tops. I'm hoping to have them shipped out on Monday the 16th.

    Here are our fave Bantams: Orps, Brahmas, Wyandottes, Rocks, Sussex, RIR, Favorelles, etc... A box with 2-3 different types would be even better! [​IMG]

    I'd rather avoid: OEGB, naked necks, Silkies (not cause we don't love them, just don't want to show them at fair!)

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