Wanted small number of fertile duck eggs to hatch


12 Years
Jul 13, 2009
I have a broody ready to set for me... a good experienced one so I would like to set 6 to 8 duck eggs...what's out there available anybody?
Try 'bargain' she just had an auction end for some duck eggs.

~ Aspen
If you aren't picky about breed, I can send you a barnyard mix from my ducks.
I have had 4 hens go broody this summer and they all had 100% hatch rate.
I ended up with mostly khaki campbells, but there is a chance you will have some cross breeds. I have runners, pekin, welsh harlequin, campbells, black Swedish, buff, and Cayuga. Drakes and hens of each breed, so there could be pure eggs of those breeds as well. I have them all together though, so I have no idea what eggs belong to who!

You can pm me if you are interested. I get $.75 per egg, and shipping usually runs around $15.00 (this includes packing materials)
Hi, this is bargain and I'd love to serve you up some beautiful duck eggs that will hatch crested and non crested pekin ducks. There is an auction we have now under other poultry! PM me if you need any more information and hope you have success. I just put about 36to 38 in our incubator, I didn't count! Nancy

Here's the link:

Thanks and have a blessed day! Nancy
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