Wanting to build a summer coop, ideas?

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    Ok well I am starting my research now on exactly what I want. I have had to cull down my flock a bit due to an overpopulation of Roosters. but normally by summer I am back up around 50. Right now I use an old calf barn that my husband redid for my chickens. That way they had plenty of space even when they have to be confined because of the weather. They also have a very large run, It takes roughly 200 ft of fencing if that helps at all. They also free range. In the winter where they are is fine. Its closer to electricity, has great ventilation but is not drafty. Easy to winterize and the birds have done well in it. BUT in the summer there is very little shade. One immature plum and one mature plum but they cannot all crowd in there.

    So my husband has a plan to build a summer coop in the woods. This is part of our woods that has been cleared and tamed. So the trees have been thinned a good bit. There is plenty of light but plenty of shade also. We spend a good amount of time in this area and it is near the house and my dads workshop so people would be around all the time. I think this would provide a nicer summer environment for them. They would have roughly an acre of cleaned up woods to forage in and far enough away from neighbors fields that they would still not be exposed to chemicals and such. This last summer was rough on man and beast, so we would like this finished this spring so the girls and boys can move in. I have to keep an eye on costs but it needs to be big enough to shelter my flock. Any designs that you have used that you just really loved?

    The ones I like best right now are found on the large coops page. There is a texas brick and an open air coop. The texas brick I think would be easy to clean and maintain. The open air just seems healthier for what we are using it for. No need to worry about winters in it. While they summer in their new coop, my husband and dad already have plans to majorly renovate the old chicken barn. My dad is really into barns as of late thank goodness. I like this one too------>https://www.backyardchickens.com/a/...per-nifty-keen-coop-page-home-of-fort-chicken

    I sorta like multiple elements. The guys are not going to be happy with me after all this I think. Oh well
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    I would be worried about the predator population in the woods. Cleared of brush doesn't mean cleared of animals that would love to have your chickens for lunch. If they are locked up securely at dusk I see hawks as your main predator but coyotes, coons, and oposum will come out of hiding during the day if they hear an easy meal.
    I would suggest using an electric fence. Best of luck.

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