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Mar 12, 2008
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Hey everyone, I posted a similar post yesterday but didnt get much of a response, so am going to try and repost.
I received 29 chicks on March 11, lost 3, which I think was due to extended ship and cold weather, the rest are doing great.
Anyway my friend took 6 yesterday, and another friend will be taking four in a few weeks.
I am now realizing I should have ordered more
. I dont want to order another 25, so was thinking of ordering maybe 10 from Meyer. I was thinking some bantams would be nice, but wasnt sure how that would work out being that they will be at least a few weeks to a month younger than the chicks I have now. Also the bantams it seems can only be ordered straight run and I am afraid my larger bread roos will bully the younger bantam roos.
Any advice?

Not sure exactly what you are asking but I have an order placed through Meyer. They were very friendly and easy to deal with. I had no problem paying the small order fee for several reasons.

1. I only wanted about 8 or 10 chicks
2. Heating pad included for this time of year
3. They say they dont put in Roo's for extra warmth like some other companies do. That was very important as the neighbors have already said no roo's! Now, sure, they may mess up a sexing but I have confidence it will be minimal.

For the peace of mine I will pay the small order fee.

I am sure Meyer's is not a "small" operation but something in me likes to stay away from the "Wal-Marts" if you know what I mean.

Would like to see other folks chime in here...I know what it is like to post a question and get no response. Its very frustrating and doesnt want to make you come back too much.
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