wanting to start a lil homestead...


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May 28, 2012
im hoping to start me a homestead soon...which will include 6-8 hens.

ive been researching for months now and thought id finally join.

i plan on going as organic as possible with most of the things on my homestead. Not much to say as of now, but hope to learn even more...

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from washington state glad you joined us!
Hello and :welcome

You should check out SufficientSelf, the sister site, as well! Best of luck to you.
Don't hesitate to ask any questions you might have, and enjoy the site. :D
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from California

First ya gotta learn chicken math! When you say 6-8 chickens, it's so easy to multiply that by .........oh...........lets say 10! LOL

I'm looking for a place now with more space. Way back when I wanted 3 or 4 chickens at the most. Just for eggs. I don't even count them all now and my breeds are on my BYC page.

This forum is one of the best sites around for finding just about any information on chickens, livestock, homesteading, just everything. Nice people too. Glad you joined us.

BTW if you look for your state thread under "Where am I? Where are you?", you;ll find people in your area that may be able to share their info with you to make things easier getting started.
Welcome, I looked at the forums a long time before I joined and have found this a wonderful site with so many helpful people. - You will soon learn the ways of "Chicken Math". I told my husband we need 4 hens for eggs and I would like some Guinness for the ticks (we have 5 1/2 acres). First trip we got 6 Isa brown hens, a few days later added 2 black sex-links. Within 2 months we have 12 guineas, 7 serums, 4 black copper marans, 4 silver laced wyandotts, 3 easter eggers. Yesterday I brought home 4 banty cochins and 4 more eggers. He asked if I was done yet. So I added an extra 30 to my hen count and it was just too easy. I really need to stop because the housing cost are adding up, He is now 2 coops behind thank to my trip yesterday. Good luck in your endeavors of homesteading, you will not regret it. I just love my little piece of "living in the middle of nowhere", the only bad thing is slow satellite Internet and bad cell reception.

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