Warning Bad seller in Northern Michigan


11 Years
Jan 14, 2009
Mt. Pleasant
Her name is Christi Fillhard. If you use the website Best Farm Buys or craigslist becareful. I went to her house and screwed up by trusting. she sold me 2 very sick partridge cochin bantams and blamed me for making them sick on my 20 min drive home. the roo was so bad he had mucus pouring out of him. it was my fault , but I just wanted to warn you incase you find one of her ads. I have the birds on antibiotics and they seem to be doing okay.

Wow, thanks for letting us know. I am sorry you had this happen! That stinks! Are you treating the birds or did you return them? Or did you have to put them down? Either way, hugs to you!
I'm treating the birds with terrymiacin right now, vet said it should clear it up. She blamed me for getting the chickens sick on my homw from harrison to farwell basically which is a 20 minute drive. I pray they get better because I have been wanting this breed for over a year now! I have them quarintende (sp)
Yeah, I am sure it was your fault (major sarcasm!), what did you do, tie them to the roof???
No way, did they get sick in 20 minutes!! I hope they recover!

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