Warrenton, VA TSC Swap 10/9/10


13 Years
May 29, 2010
I can't find this thread on here.

But here is the info just in case. Anyone else coming to this? I will be there 8:30-9am, as a buyer. Looking for Bantam of all kinds, mostly Silkies! Would love to get chicks, maybe trios and pullets, too.

10/9/10 - Warrenton TSC Swap
Date: Saturday, October 9, 2010
Time: 8:00am - 2:00pm
Location: Warrenton Tractor Supply Parking Lot
Street: 41 West Lee Highway
City/Town: Warrenton, VA

Please have your birds/animals caged. Remember nothing larger than a goat/sheep. Also please provide shade, water and food for all birds/animals.

Swap Tips:
Please make sure that you have your PCOV member id in a visual location at your vending spot. This is so that other members as well as patrons can ID who you are. If you don't have business cards or flyers, make sure that you offer your member ID, name and phone number to your patrons. This can be easily done by writing your info on their card board box or on a piece of paper. This is so they may contact you if they may need to. Also remember to write on the card board box or paper bird identification. Everyone does not always remember what they bought when they get home. Swaps tend to be very busy and can get confusing to your patron if they have bought several birds or animls from multiple vendors. Make sure that your birds or animals are in good health! Take precaustions with patrons. Don't let people handle your birds or animals unless they use hand sanitizer before and after they handle anything that you have. We always keep hand sanitizer and so should you. This aids in not having cross contamination at swaps.

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