Was going to show but my best bird is...bald...Now with pics

Attack Chicken

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Sep 25, 2008
Indianapolis, IN
Some of you may remember my little bantam black wyandotte pullet BB. Well today I was looking at her and she has NO FEATHERS whatsoever on her breast area. Before anyone says anything about mites/lice she doesn't have any and there are no feather pickers. My guess she seen the other wyandotte girl sitting on eggs and decide "Oh! that looks fun" so she has plucked all her feathers on her breast area.

October 17th is the Central Indiana Poultry Show.. Should I even take her now? Will it DQ her? If not will it go against her in the show?

I am so mad! She's my best bird that I have and now this... First I wished for a broody,got one, and now this. RAGHHHHH!
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oh my word. oh my. just oh my.

my AC, what am i going to do with you? bake you something good, i guess, because this is crazy girl.
It sounds to me like she's plucked out a broody patch and is hoping to set some eggs. It's very irritating if you don't want her to hatch out chicks. My show quality blue Cochin just decided she's ready to be a mom at seven months old! Arrgghhh! She's due for a show in October, but we heard from our 4H leader that poultry judges do disqualify broody hens (pullets!!!)! Hopefully., I'm wrong in your case.
This is just horrible...She was hatch in Feb so she's not that old. I've already paid the entry fee for her to get in. I already have 1 girl sitting on eggs that are due in about a week. My father doesn't want ANYMORE chickens. I'm starting to dislike bantams.....
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aye! don't say that my friend. maybe you can make her a tummy toupee!

besides, she's gorgeous, you cannot give in on your bantams. you have a lovely lot!!!! i've seen 'em first hand and have proof!
well, if she isn't top shape to show off her finer qualities, maybe no. it may not be perfect timing. hmmmm.

i am not sure what i would advise, but i am thinking on it and thinking about you!
Ok, don't panic. You have some time yet. First of all, if she's broody, break her up immediately! Put her in a cage with a wire bottom to get cold air on her butt, that will do it soonest.

Then, start giving her some high protein feed with some extra fat to get those new feathers growing in asap. Dry cat food is always good for this, or some cooked ground beef, or even hard boiled eggs.

You have several weeks yet. I'd take her anyway, especially if this is your first show. Just go to have fun!
She's not broody yet but I believe she's working herself up to it. This is the second time I'm going to this show but the first time with a bird able to get something good. Last time I had production birds. Everything has been going so badly for me... Someone said that she could be DQ in the show...

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