was it a egg song?

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    Chick a roo has been pretty quit since I got her she laid an egg yesterday although I have no clue what time it was as I was at work well at about 830 she started making some pretty loud noises it was like cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck baw bawk and that sequence went on for a little over a minute I do not see an egg she had been perfectly quiet since then was this an egg song should I go dig around for an egg?
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    theres lots of reasons for them to make those crazy noises ! it could mean she saw an enemy and she is warning the others, she can be happy, she can be hungry etc. Mine do that sometimes and no eggs,
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    The egg song are the noises a hen makes after she lays an egg. You can always dig around to see if she laid an egg.
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    The egg song can be sung before, after, or during laying an egg. In a higher intensity, it is also a danger call. It sounds like bok bok bok bok BAGAWWWK!
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    Well Im not sure what it was but it wasn't an egg song she laid sometimes close to 1 I think the egg was still pretty warm when I got it when we got back to the house around 1 just gonna take some time to figure out what she is thinking

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