Washed Eggs In Fridge Then Out?


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I typically collect my eggs and unless they are really dirty, just put them into a crate and then into the fridge. If they are really dirty I wash them under cool tap water then let them dry on a towel on the counter for a few minutes then put them in a crate in the fridge. My question is...if I take a dozen eggs that have been washed that have been in the fridge for a week out and they sit in my truck at 68* for 8 hours while I drive to my destination, are they safe to eat?

I'd like to avoid getting sick!

Now, I'm quite new in these parts, but I have heard that eggs are somewhat porous and are laid with a protective film. Supposedly washing them with water degrades that film and can result in eggs drawing in the water along with bacteria. The suggested method was to lightly dry brush the eggs. Apparently the film is more resistant to physical wear as opposed to chemical.
Again, i'm new so you may seek a second opinion. But that's what i heard.
I have had hens for 4 years and i just wash them under the tap and dry them of with a bit of kitchen roll and i sell them and sometimes before i have enough for my buyer they have been sitting for a week on my counter, and i have never gotten sick from eating them, or none of my buyers have they should be fine
All good. It sounded a bit doomsday to me, but made sense to me as a biologist.
It's probably one of those things that has been discovered but we've been living happily with for centuries.
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Fertile, unwashed eggs will stay good for 4-6 months at room temperature. So yes, I'd say you're fine for just an 8 hour car trip. However, when washing your eggs, use water that is 20 degrees warmer than the egg temperature to avoid drawing bacteria into the egg.
Dies this mean u can hatch them after 6 months of being layed
Dies this mean u can hatch them after 6 months of being layed
oh no, fertility drastically decreases with time. The eggs would lose too much fluid to even be able to survive incubation, even if the blastodisc were still in tact/viable.

The OP is asking about eating eggs, otherwise they wouldn't wash or refrigerate them.
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