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Can a "washed out splash" be breded back to the BBS? I've had 2 hatch out almost white. One has turned into a hen (I think)


Have you been breeding splash to splash? I would definitely go back to breeding them with BBS. I've seen that happen with some other people's birds.
The splash from my BBS pen look like this:
add a blue, I was told to add a blue every 2nd gen or third gen to keep your splash proper looking, breeding splash to splash washes out the color after a few gen's

I'm adding a blue this year, the lady i got her from has been breeding splash to splash

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that's because you have BBS, when you have it, you get splash, blue and black, its a genetic thing, the only color that will breed true is splash but washes out, if you don't add the blue back
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So I can breed it back into my blue and should be fine or will I still get them? (I get that I will get them from the trio that it hatched from) Will getting a new roo help? The hens are beautiful so not looking into selling them.(the hens are sisters and the roo is from another breeder)
I have to look up the combo's but adding the blue you have will work, you do not need a new bird unless you want one,

here's a start: b= black, I think the first is roo, second is hen

b on blue 50/50 Black and Blue
b on splash 100% blue
b on white Almost anything - there are 2 types of white, dominant and recessive and can hide all SORTS of colours
blue on blue 25% black, 25% Splash 50%Blue
blue on splash 25% blue, 75% Splash
blue on white See other description for white crosses
splash on black 100% Blue
splash on blue 25% Blue, 75% Splash
splash on white See other description for white crosses
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