Washing a Coop - What Products are Safe to Use?

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Feb 9, 2012
Northern Indiana
I am in the process of preparing a coop from a building that was originally used as a garden shed.
I have completely “shop-vacuumed” the shed and I’m ready to wash the walls and floor. In addition to the normal dirt, there were various animal droppings inside so I want to be sure it is washed down well before introducing my little flock.

My question is:
What product do you recommend to put in the wash-water for cleaning?

I’m concerned about the residue that remains on the wood as well as fumes. No mater how well you rinse, there will be some left-over and I want to be sure it is not toxic/harmful to the animals.
I’ve read to wash down with a regular detergent (like dishwashing detergent), rinse, then wipe down with a weak bleach/water solution.

Any input is appreciated


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Mar 22, 2011
Coeur d Alene ID
I agree what you already read about. Wash it down with Dawn and rinse it really well. Then take a spray bottle with bleach/water solution and spray the inside down. Leave the door open to get rid of the fumes. Overall, I don't think you'll have a lot of residue to worry about. Dawn is safe for animals - it's used to clean animals after oil spills. That small amount of bleach won't harm the chickens. You could also use vinegar/water if you're super concerned about it. Hope that helps.


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Jan 25, 2012
Lincoln Co., OK
Get you a gallon of Oxine, I had never heard of it 2 weeks ago and now it is our best friend. We use it to spray down all coops every week. It kills bacteria and is used even in organic farms from my understanding. We ordered ours online because I couldn't find it locally.
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