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I'm not too sure where this should actually go so I'll try here. I've had my small flock of NH Reds almost a year now and all is doing well. When I gather the eggs every day I bring them in and rinse them off in a utility sink under running water. My son works with a fellow that had a small commercial operation years ago and he says I should be washing them in some kind of anti bacterial solution. I don't sell my eggs, I just give them away to family and friends. So how about it, do I need more chemicals in my life?
If my eggs are not dirty I do not wash them at all.If they are I usually either pick off what I can or wash it off with warm water then dry the egg.
You do not need to practice the same biosecurity as a small commercial operation.Hope this helps ya.
There's been a couple good threads on this subject lately. Here's one to get your reading started:


Washing eggs removes the "bloom", an top coat if you will, that the hen places on the egg seconds before it's laid. The bloom keeps dirt and germs out. Eggs with the bloom intact last much longer than washed eggs.
To answer your original question, no you don't need to wash them in any sort of eggwash. IMO, we all have too many chemicals in our lives as it is.

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