waste free feeder for polish rooster


out of the house and into the grow out coop
Mar 1, 2020
I have recently added a mature Polish rooster to my flock. my feeders are the DIY 5 gallon bucket with PVC elbows. it works fine for most of the flock but i have noticed my large combed rooster having issues with it so I put a pan out for him and he is not a messy boy. My new polish rooster however is a messy wasteful individual who immediately scratches everything out of the pan and into the dirt. he has lost a little weight in the short time he has been here because he doesnt eat the feed from the dirt so it has been a challenge. looking for ideas for a waste free feeder (even better if it is a DIY idea) that will allow him and his big crest easy access without being able to scratch it all to the ground. i will attach a photo of the naughty boy below. meet Sanchez a very cuddly guy who has a great sense of humor. he will do anything for a laugh
im not sure i know what you mean by a trough feeder. do you mean the long metal ones with holes on each side to allow access to feed.

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