Watcher Loves Me?


9 Years
Apr 2, 2010
Wilds of Montana
Today I went into the coop and Watcher, one of my chicks who is a 9 week old (probably) roo sex-link looks at me from the perch. He's been watching me at lot (hence the name) and I've managed to get him to climb up on my hand with some encouragement. Today, he kept eying me and suddenly as I was picking up the feather in the pen, he flew over and perched on my back. He then climbed on my shoulder and kept looking up at me. After some effort, I got him into my arms, and I swear, he was softly clucking to me and looking up adoringly.

I kept petting him and gently put him back on the perch. He continued to look at me and all the other chickens acted very impressed. I was amazed he is so focused on me. So now, I have three chickens out of 19 or so who like me a lot. Crookwing and the other RIR and now Watcher are all very thrilled to hop on me. Who'd thunk that?

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