Water and Probiotics


Mar 12, 2018
I’m new to raising baby chicks. I received 17 chicks 4 days ago. I gave them ACV the first day then switched to chick boost probiotic water day 2. Should this be their only source of water and for how long. I have lost 2 chick so far and I’m trying to determine what is killing them. No pasty butt (I check twice a day) and their deaths have happened overnight. They are all eating and drinking so not sure what’s going on. Thanks for your help...
I definitely recommend the sav-a-chick stuff, we put it in almost all of our chicks water that are shipped. I would say that if they were shipped it is probably exhaustion unless they're not lethargic...check and make sure no one is sleeping like over normal amount and doesn't look lethargic. If they are I have a way to fix them that has worked for me, keep in mind it's long and somewhat tedious but it saved the chick. I have never personally tried ACV so I can't help rate that. Please keep us updated with how they're doing!
If you are putting any additives in their water, they should also have access to clean, untreated, fresh water. I think even the back of the packages say that, at least the one kit I bought (and tossed) said it. It also said it was specifically for birds who are sick, injured, or stressed, not for long term use. Personally I don't use anything in the water. If I had a chick or a chicken who needed it, then they got it. But I guess I'm too old fashioned.....giving the whole batch of chicks something the majority of them don't need seems a little like giving everyone in the family cough syrup when only one kid is sniffling. :idunno If I had a chick not doing well, it got a drop of Nutri-drench directly. I just didn't see any point in giving the rest of the chicks that were doing well something they obviously didn't need.

I did have one batch of chicks who arrived in pretty bad shape. That was the only instance where I put something in their water, and that something was Poultry Nutridrench. But they also had clean water available at all times too, and they got it for 24 hours before I took it out. It always comes down to personal choice - I choose not to, others have never given them water without something added. The only "right" way is the way that you prefer. ;)
I x2 the point Blooie made about the second water, clean and untreated at the same time. I have put it in the water of the shipped chicks if about half or more of the chicks seem like they need it (we on average get around 4 at a time so if two have it then we have put it in).

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