water in the coop?


8 Years
Feb 18, 2011
My girls (and Carlos) have free access to their coop and run all day. I keep food hanging in the coop and water in the run. Up until yesterday I had water in the coop too but they kept knocking the bottom of the waterer and making a huge mess. Is it ok if I leave them with out water in the coop? I close the door to the coop after dark (when they are all up on the roosts snoozing away) and then open it first thing in the morning. Is this ok or do I need to come up with a in-coop water system?
as long as you let them back out right away in the morning, they'll be fine. i don't leave my waterer in the coop, same reason - they got water everywhere. if it's hot, though, make sure they can get to water (like the nights were it's 90 degrees at midnight)

i actually don't put mine in any longer, i let them go in and out as they please.
I was having the same problem with the water-er in the coop but I just moved it . I want them to have access to water at all times along with food. If I don't make it out to the coop for some reason I atleast know they have water & food. I'd be worried other wise.
I keep water inside the coop...I have a large metal waterer, sitting on a feed bowl, they may kick some shavings in it, I just take it and dump that stuff out, but I think it important they always have access to water...there is always a way to rig something up.
I think you are okay not to keep water in the coop if you know they have access to it out of the coop. Mine liked to roost on the waterer so I feel your pain.


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