Water mister on chicks in the run?

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8 Years
Mar 25, 2011
Hagerstown, MD
It is pretty hot here in western MD (around 85-90 with high humidity). The girlies just went out to their new coop and enclosed run yesterday! They r really liking it...but r really panting! They have a different part of the run in shade as the day goes by. I have been putting ice in their water to help them...& they have tons of fresh grass (cuz they just went int the run). I saw a water mister at Home Depot this weekend that I was thinking about getting for myself. Would it hurt the girlies if I set up the mister to run for a little while in one area of their run to help cool them off? Not sure if it will hurt them?? They r a very eclectic bunch of girlies. I have light & buff brahma's, polish, silkies, sulkie, EE's, BO's, RIR, NH, barred rocks, salmon favorelles, and a few unknowns! LOL They r 7, 8 & 9 weeks old. Any advice would b greatly appreciated! I know I am about dying in this heat myself and would like to do anything I can to help the chickies b more comfortable!
I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum over here!

I say go ahead! I have heard many tales of success with misters.

Then again I'm the lady running out mid-December to put the electric blanket on the coop floor.
Well I have a fan in the coop and when it gets hot they hve been going back inside the coop during the hottest part of the day. Is this ok? I mean the fan is just circulating the hot air. They have 4 windows with crosse draft, their chicken door, and 3-4 vents low and high, and this fan. I was just thinking that they might like to walk thru the water mist and that would help cool them off? Not a good idea??
I'm very tempted to get mine a mister, although the ducks would probably enjoy it more. I really don't see the issue if it is outside. I'm suffering along with you, it hit 100 directly out int he sun today in Maryland, can't wait for this cold front to hit us.
Me too, bring on the cold front! My poor birds looked miserable today, seemed the olders ones were having the most trouble. We have a fan in the coop. The coop is back in the trees and they have shade. It was just so wicked hot and humid today. i was thinking about misters too. Wasn't sure if they would be helpful or not. Love to hear more.
Yeah we just finished building the coop and that is where they stayed all day. Either in it or under it. it is set back in the trees so it has shade, then open rafters for extra ventilation, along with the two windows and I just left the door open in it today. I think it was much cooler in the coop then outside. Most of them just laid under it and dust bathed all day.

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