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May 8, 2015
Devon England
Can somebody advise me please, I have a waterer inside the run but within minutes of putting fresh in there someone has pooped in it kicked dirt in it or just knocked it to create a puddle to splash in, I'm sure my chickens think they are ducks because they just love splashing in water, so I was looking at these water nipples but I only have three hens so my question is would a rabbit water bottle work the same way ?
There was a similar question in the duck section recently with a link to another huge thread full of suggestions and inventions to keep birds from splashing out their water and such.
I would recommend just buying a pack of poultry nipples off amazon etc and be done with it. You only need to use a few and sn keep the others as spares. Probaby the same cost as buying something else at the pet store.
I set my waterer up on a brick (the pumiblock kind), or, if there are no chicks around, I use a small bucket. Mine must be around 1 gallon. Or, another option would be to hang your waterer from the roof. Just low enough for the birds to reach the water.
Thank you everyone I went with the large rabbit waterers and they seem to be getting on great with them, I didn't get the nipples because I didn't know what to attach them too I needed something to hang on the wire, it's for when they are in the run while I'm at work then in the evening I let them out in to a fenced of area which I have got a waterer on some rocks which works really well, but I didn't want to take up to much room in their run, so these water bottles are perfect

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