Waterer for Chicken Tractor


13 Years
Jan 10, 2009
SW Missouri
This year I am planning on getting rid of the 7 gallon fount and replacing it with some type of automatic fountain that I can use with a chicken tractor. Pulling that huge waterer out of the pen to fill it up, then back in again is getting old

I am looking at the automatic waterer because it looks like they add almost no weight to the tractor.

I have been reading about the Bell-Matic water fount and the Little Giant fount. Any thoughts about these two? If my reading is correct, the Bellmatic uses a low pressure system and the Little Giant will hook directly to a hose at full well pressure.

I would like to know what you think, good and bad.

Thank you!

You are correct about the pressure requirements.

The Bell-Matic is normally used with added weight in the base of the waterer to prevent the birds from swinging it to far wwhen they bump it. This prevents water spillage. Most of this type water will not work at more than 15 PSI.

The Little Giant fount is about the only choice if you do not want to reduce pressure. Plan on a way to adjust the height of the bowl - that will be about the only tricky part.

If you decide to use a bell matic e mail me.
I am also looking for alternatives to lifting out an empty hanging 5 gal. waterer and replacing it each day...too heavy for me. I am looking at nipple watering systems and founts.

What are the requirements for the hose type attaching to the top of the Little Giant Fount? Could it be a solid piece of PVC instead of a hose?

Also- can you use a hose to attach to a PVC pipe with nipples attached or do you need to do a gravity fed bucket type water supply. I am a little concerned about the weight of the bucket and how to "attach" it to our mobile tractor. I could easily remove it to move the tractor if the bucket system is what works with nipple waterers, but- the hose would be really easy!

Am I right in thinking that little giant is a hose option and nipples are a bucket option?
One caveat.....
If using a hose to connect to a chicken tractor - make sure to purchase a heavy-duty ORANGE or other 'off' colored hose. Ran one over with the lawnmower, as in my haste to get all chores done - forgot to reel in the hose away from the lawnmower. My mistake. What a mess. Made a stressful evening even worse. I've seen orange hoses at Menards (didn't check costs at the time) and I think there are some super-heavy duty kinds to use with RV's.....look into it.....

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