Waterer for chicks


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Jun 29, 2016
I currently have a waterer from the store specifically for chicks. I want to start using these two PVC pipes my friend gave me from her farm that looks like this (the white things inside of that hutch)

I want to attach them outside in my yard so they can get water at all times (they are getting water at all times now) but I was not sure if they are old enough or will drown. They are a month old now.

Please let me know if they are old enough now or how old they should be before I put these out. Thanks sooo much!
Sorry that you never received an answer on this. There are so many threads and not enough people to answer.
I see no reason you can't use them right away. But, watch them (even train them) to use the waterer. If they seem to be having trouble using it, modify your system. Its also good to have a couple options available. You don't want them running out.

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