Apr 6, 2010
Wake County, NC
My born-this-week Runner ducklings had their first bathtub swim today. Now, every time we got to get them out of the brooder, they are soaked! They somehow manage to spash all of their water out of the waterer. I was very careful to put pebbles in it so that they couldn't drown, and it has worked pretty well until now (except that they manage to poop in it -- what can I say? They are talented.). Ever since they discovered the joy of being one with the water, they soak themselves and the brooder. So, I cut a hole in a margarine tub lid and made one of those waterers. The little maniacs went nuts over it (new toy). Several of them got on top of it and managed to get their legs stuck in the hole, and I had visions of finding a drowned duckling legs up out of the hole. So, I am worried that won't work. Lastly, I took a soda bottle and cut a hole about 4-5 inches high on the side. I let them drink out of that. Well, they are trying to hoist their bodies up into it. I think the hole is too small for them to get through, but they may be like a hamster I once had and can shape-shift to fit any opening. Any ideas? Am I being a worrywart duck mom?
This is a pic of one type of waterer that I use. They cant get their whole heads into it - so do need a bath or a larger container once a day to wash their nostrils and eyes. I have it on a large plastic tray to stop too much mess spreading over the shavings. The brooder still gets messy- but not so bad using this set up.

Pretty ducklings! I can try a tray and put my original waterer back in (it is similar to yours, but the water is deeper). Maybe an extra puppy pee pad under it too. Thanks!
A pee wee pad does not absorb enough. I use it underneath all of it, but also line the tray with paper towels. The towels are cheaper, very absorbent and can be replaced way faster.
I have found one of the trough style chick feeders, with the top with round holes in it works well. I put it on a deep tray, filled with bedding and it keeps the rest of the brooder dry.

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