Waterers-plastic vs. metal

Discussion in 'Feeding & Watering Your Flock' started by Sadie57, Aug 22, 2010.

  1. Sadie57

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    Nov 25, 2009
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    We spent the extra $ and got a plastice electric waterer when we first got the chicks. WRONG! Certainly not meant for Maine winters, what a mess trying to fill it, frozen fingers and ice. Now we use it for summer, not plugged in, of course. Our metal waterer rusted within a few months. What's up with that? Are we doing something wrong or maybe just the minerals in our water supply?
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    Hi! We have been doing experiments with our waterers over the years. It came down to this...

    I hat galvanized waterers. They rust, they get nasty. Polypropylene is definitely the way to go! We have one waterer that we set up with an internal water deicer and one without for the summers. Yes we have to switch it out during the change of season, but it is worth it for us.

    As for you doing something wrong. No your not. The metal ones will corrode. [​IMG]
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    Stick with plastic, and make your own heaters
    All you need is a box and a light bulb.
    Use a "Thermocube" to turn it off and on
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    I started with a 5-gallon metal waterer. I figured, if I get busy, they won't run out of water. While that may be true, the water gets nasty!! And, yes, it rusted, was heavy, and I couldn't add vitamins or ACV to the water. Now, I several 1-gallon plastic waterers that are easy to fill, easy to clean, never rust, and allow me to add whatever supplements they need.

    You didn't do anything wrong. But, plastic is definitely better.
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    double post
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    Yes they rust but metal waterers are almost a must here where it gets below zero--and that's inside the coop--in the winter. They have to be set on heaters or the birds won't have water by morning. Once they get too rusted, they are sent to the recycling center and I buy new. I do have a couple of poly waterers that I use during the summer if I need to add vinegar but they are also a pain to get the gaskets tight enough for the vacuum to hold the water in and cannot safely be used on heaters. Those fitted with heaters are probably fine in those areas were winters are mild but not practical here. Anything that is plugged into the wall is, as pointed out above, too much of a job to move and refill especially when it is cold and water has to be carried 50+ yds to the coop.

    I've also post this a couple of other places as a warning:: If you decide to add a heater to your waterer, do not use an aquarium heater!!! Their thermostats will cause overheating and they will break.
  7. Sooner

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    Mar 22, 2009
    Do a search for the cookie tin water heater. I use one gallon plastic on top of the cookie tin & it works great & they are easy to make.

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