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Feb 6, 2018
I live about an hour outside of Philadelphia and we just got ducks this spring. I thought I had planned for everything but never even thought about the hose freezing in the winter time. Looks like they sell heated hoses but that makes me kind of nervous. I can fill the buckets in my kitchen sink if I have to for the time being. We were hoping to go away for a few days and have a neighbor who has watched them for us before but without a hose I don't know how he could give them water. I can't expect him to haul buckets into his house then all the way back. I was thinking of getting a really short hose and unhooking it and draining it after each use. Would that work?
If I shut off the water at the spigot each day when I am done what are the chances I am going to cause some flooding issues in my house? Everything I have read says you need to shut water off to the outside spigot for the winter. Maybe a cover would help that?
I think a cover would help. We do not get as cold as you do, but I use a thick, black hose. Even on days we do not get above freezing the ice inside the hose melts by afternoon from the sunshine.
Thanks everybody! I don't mind hauling the water out myself just need a solution for the neighbor to help.
My outside faucet will freeze that is why we put on the frost free I don’t believe there is much to doing that. I do love those collaspable hoses so much better than hauling water especially when you have neck issues.
I need to clarify this. In the past I just rolled up the hose and shut off the the water, by shut off I mean turn the knob not completely shut the water. Of course I've never needed to use the water. I was under the impression that when it gets cold that will freeze so it's useless anyways, no?

I do not have a lot of knowledge with this stuff at all. Another learning adventure.

If I could figure out a way to run a hose without causing major issues by turning it on and off I would. I got a smaller heated bucket for dunking, that I can carry in and out--will still be a pain.

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