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Mar 15, 2011
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The last people that owned our house and raised chickens (not the last owners) were using one of the little waterers that operate of a float. It looks like it is about the size a dog or cat would use. it is about 8 inches wide and about 6 inches deep. Is that acceptible to use as a waterer for my 25 chickens or do I need to get something that hangs like my feeder?
I'm not entirely certain how your waterer is working, what you mean by "float". The one we use for our dogs has a large plastic water container that you screw onto the base, then flip the thing upside down, and the water goes out into the basin at the bottom.

The only problem with non-hanging feeders and waterers is that the chickens will step in it, scratch it out, and generally make a mess of it. If you don't mind, and you'd rather use what you have than replace it, it certainly won't kill them. It'll just need to be cleaned out and refilled more often, and may make a mess around where it sits.
I use auto waterers fo my birds I have over 100 birds. I love the auto waterers.
Now I'm a little sad. I just threw away one of those red waterers. I didn't know what it was. The red part was cracked, but I could have saved the water part. So they don't mess up the water really badly with those types of waterers?

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