Watery eggs...currently alive....but will they hatch?


9 Years
Jul 4, 2010
This is my second time dealing with shipped eggs and I also had some watery eggs the first time too. (When I say watery, I mean that when I candle the egg, the air cell is intact, albeit misshaped sometimes, but there is extra fluid inside. You can clearly see that when you GENTLY move/vibrate the egg it is thin and watery). If you have experienced this then you know exactly what I'm talking about.

With the first round, those eggs developed and made it to hatch day. On hatch day, many were peeping inside their shells. Only two actually hatched, and the others died, fully formed, inside their shells. There could be two reasons for this: My hygrometer stopped working at some point. I kept adding water to increase humidity during lockdown because the stupid thing kept reading 40ish%. In hindsight, I should've known that there was plenty of moisture already b/c there was condensation all inside the incubator. So, in that case, I believe my humidity was just way too high and I didn't know. And for all I know, the hygrometer could've been wrong throughout the whole incubation. Ok....lesson learned.

Now, the other reason could be that they simply drowned from that excess fluid that was already in their shells.

So, now I'm on my second round with some eggs that have that same liquid. What happens to this liquid? I can't imagine it gets absorbed like the yolk does. Will it still be there when they attempt to hatch? I'm really worried this time around because I'm not sure if this water is the reason the others didn't make it or if it was my fault w/ adding too much moisture. I'd like to prevent it, obviously. I have some in the incubator and some under my broodies. If they will require special care to hatch then I'd have to bring the broodies' eggs inside.

By the way...they are on day 11. Still alive, bopping around. I'd greatly appreciate any advice you can give me. This is literally a matter of live or death ; )

(Thanks for reading...I know I'm an awful/unorganized writer!!!!)
I set 13 eggs that had come from Alabama to Washington, and the air cells were definitely messed up.

13 went into the bator
3 were quitters
2 didn't make it through lockdown

but 8 hatched and are peeping around my baby coop right now.

Same goes for the BCM eggs from Georgia.

Set 11
2 quitter
2 quit in lockdown
1 chick had to be culled

6 happy healthy babies!

I also had issues with humidity because I had homegrown eggs in there too with much smaller air cells. I just kept it between 25-40% (dry hatch) til lockdown, then went to 70-75%. It sometimes went higher because I filled the floor trays (LG foam bator) plus a jar with water & sponge, but I still had most of my homechicks hatch too.

So don't give up hope.
It was hard to tell, since they were dark brown and green eggs. Some of them seemed pretty watery, but I couldn't see bubbles like a really scrambled egg. I didn't tip them too much though.
Same issue like this
I’m having the same issue! I had two different sets of eggs shipped. One was delayed a day in transport. I put most under my broody and four in the incubator. I candled today (day four-I know, too early but I forgot to candle initially to check for cracks. None of them have any veining inside that I can detect and all of them are really watery looking, some with bubbles. I didn’t candle the ones in the incubator because I’ve pretty much given up on them. They’re still in there but it’s a Styrofoam incubator and I swear, it hates me. I can’t get the temperature to remain stable or the humidity above 30%! I’m filling with water and have a sponge in there. Ugh. So frustrating.
I’d love some advice/tips. I’m in the same boat.
Same with mine I saved 2 robin eggs from out backyard because mom pushed 3 out and 1 was not cracked so I saved that one and the one in the nest and put them in a plastic ben on a heating pad they have been fertile for 2 days now and I checked one it still have blood vessels (veins) and the other one was like liquid and I could see like no veins and the air sac or whatever is a little to the side with small bubbles in it I need help bc I researched so many times trying to see what was wrong with them but all I get is there dead or about to hatch I really don't understand this someone help

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