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    Jul 13, 2013
    How much does a fecal test cost usually? My birds have watery poops & I want to find out the reason why. Also, is grass ok for chicks? When I let them outside they like 2 eat it (they r 5 weeks old).
  2. Not exactly sure on the cost of test.

    For your benefit, one thing to consider is that watery poo is a normal occurrence. Diet plays a role in the expelled stool. Sometimes by simply drinking water in excess leads to watery poo for a while. In hot temperatures the birds will usually have a watery stool due to them drinking more. This is normal.

    Watery stool can be an indication of many things like disease, parasites, ect. However given that watery poo happens at times it is not always a signal for alarm. I have never had a batch of chicks that did NOT have, at one point or another, watery poo.

    Wish ya the best.

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  3. Grass & greens can make up 1/3 of a chickens diet. Grass and greens will be a chickens delight. It really bolsters omega 3 levels in the chickens eggs and makes the yolks that deep orange we all love.
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    Phil has given you great advice :) I have nothing to add except that I wish you the best!

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