watery yolks???


8 Years
Mar 12, 2011
Oak Hills
Ok so I've set 2 sets of eggs over the last few weeks and the yolks seem to be watery? what is this and how do I stop it PLEASE tell me also the eggs always seem to quit due to this
40-45% I dry incubate
when I candle the eggs after 4 days were the embryo is growing there is a clear circle around it and if I rock the egg it juggle's like jello???? and after about a week the eggs just quit
What you describe sounds normal. If you break open a 'quitter' straight out of the bator it often looks like the yolk is too runny, but it's just cause the egg's been warmed up. if you were to leave it till it cooled down and then crack it open, it would be less runny. I don't think you'r problem is the yolks. Maybe you just shouldn't be rocking the egg about. Embryos are very fragile things. I'd suggest that you don't candle and don't touch the eggs at all until day 10. Then have a careful look and see what you can see in them. Don't rock them or jiggle them at all. That might give you better results. Good luck!
I agree...I wouldn't be shaking the eggs. just the slightest bump can ruin an egg on you.

It could be anything from the temp not being right, to humitidy being too low or too high. These little guys are VERY touchy....the slightest change can hurt your chances on a good hatch.

When you candle at day 4...I would just let them go....I don't even candle until day 10. You can see so much more!!! And be almost 100% which have babies inside. I'd just let the eggs be until day 10. and even on day 10...do NOT shake the egg!!! big no no.

let me fix this I dont SHAKE them if i barely move the egg while candling and it moves and none of the eggs I incubated before had that clear bubble it just developed but ill give these ones a try and see if they quit I have humidity steady at 40-45 and temp stays at 100 i guess ill just have to see

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