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8 Years
Jul 19, 2011
I have a 5 week old Silkie that have very large wattles. I was told she/he is a hen, but there are times i'm not so sure! I have seen pictures of other Silkies with no wattles that are older. I'm confused on what she/he might be. I will try and put pictures on later!
5 wks is a little too early for anyone to say with a Silkie. My Silkies are 2 months old now and the males have big combs and red wattles, But at 5 wks the whole group looked pretty much identical.

Here is a close up of my Silkie! She is only 5 wks old. Do hens have wattles this large at such a young age? Would really love more feedback!! Thanks!
Dang! I stand corrected! I must have slow developing Silkie boys. Only 1 of mine has wattles that big and red and mine are 2 months old.
That is what I was affraid of. We can't have roos where we are so I have to find him a new home.
This one of course was my favorite! Thanks for the input I really appreciate it!

If you know anyone around Tacoma, WA who wants a Silkie roo please let me know

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