Waxing emotional over a rooster passed

Mace Gill

May 26, 2017
New Jersey
Facebook does this thing where it will show you posts from the past.

When our first chick born of our flock came around my wife took this little video of mama and baby with its first treat.

"she" grew up to be a "he" and became problematic and had to be culled ... and we celebrated his life and enjoyed a fine earl by our own hands.

Today, upon reposting this little video rom two years ago, a friend who knew the back story expressed sadness about the ultimate fate of this chick.

I reminded her that this chick was raised by its mother and lived well for a good year. Not every rooster gets that chance!

Furthermore, my little blog that tells this and other stories in excruciating detail occasionally gets views from lither countries. Got one the other day from Mongolia! Someone in Mongolia has heard of this chick and now he is at least a little bit immortal. Not every rooster gets that either!

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