Wazine 17 de-wormer: how much for tiny flock?

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    I picked up a pint of Wazine 17 today [I'm totally new to chickens and had no idea I had to deworm them]. The directions had measurements for flocks of 100. I'm looking for recommendations for a tiny flock.

    My flock consists of 6 chickens [pullets]:

    3 six-week-old Speckled Sussex chicks
    3 nine-week-old Cochin chicks

    1. Is it ok to give them a worm preventative of Wazine 17 at this age?
    2. How much should I give them and what's the best method to make sure they drink all of the correct dose?
    3. How often should I give them the Wazine to prevent worms?

    Thanks for your help!!
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    There's a variety of opinions on "having" to de-worm chickens, especially those who show no symptoms of having an infestation. Some folks do it routinely, others wait until they see the symptoms.

    On your bottle of Wazine there should be recommendations for ages to de-worm "replacement pullets". They give you the ages for doing so, in order to be sure they're not harboring worms or worm eggs before they begin to lay. I forget what age they recommend to begin, but I would wait until your youngest chicks are at that age and dose them all together. Then I think they suggest doing it two more times, about 4 weeks apart, right? I don't have a bottle handy to see the directions.

    What you do is remove their water the night before, so they're good & thirsty in the morning. Then add the wormer to the amount of water they'll drink in a day. How much do they usually drink, do they empty a quart water dispenser each day? However much they drink, add the correct amount of Wazine. It's the concentration that counts, not how much of it they'll drink. If they're thirsty in the morning & drink treated water all day, they'll get enough of the medicine to work. I think it's 2 Tablespoons per gallon, so it would be 1 T per half gallon, 1.5 teaspoons per quart.
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    Unless exposed to older birds I would wait till they are about 6mos old to worm them. I do mine just once a year after they start to slow down on laying in the late fall. That way they don't have to carry a big parasite load through the winter while they are trying to keep warm.

    The rate for Wazine is 30ml per gallon of water. It's generally repeated in 14 days to get any worms that have not yet hatched out. Toss any eggs during treatment and for another 10 or so more days after treatment stops just to be safe.
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    How much do I use in a 3 gal bucket and 1 gal bucket?
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    Three ounces of wazine per 3 gallons of water. One ounce of wazine per 1 gallon of water.
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