Wazine poisoning? Labored breathing- HELP!!!

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    I have a 8 month old pullet who is yet to lay. I found a roundworm on the drop board the other night ( I have 21 in the coop) so everyone was wormed with Wazine. This was sat-sun for 24 hours. Well, today is Monday and my pullet is NOT right. She is breathing fast and hard, acting almost drunk. When I found her, her crop had food in it. I am VERY worried about her. She is now in the house just sitting there breathing hard. Can Wazine do this? I do not expect she had a high infestation of worms. If she had worms, how long after being treated with wazine would I see worms in her stool? HELP!!
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    see post #8

    Please understand that I don't have the experience base to tell you if this is the same situation that your hen is in. So I am including the link just in case you find it helpful.

    Hopefully she gets better soon. By the time you see a roundworm in the poo they can have a heavy infestation I have read.

    molasses is mentioned here...just in case you need it
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