WCB Polish x Polish/Barred Rock Roo

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5 Years
Mar 19, 2017
I had a buff laced polish I crossed to my barred rock hen and I got a rooster from the crossing. I want to try crossing that rooster back to my WCB Polish hen. What can I expect from this? I'd love polish-looking chickens that are not entirely black. **I do not know how to make the pictures smaller sorry.**
I plugged all of your info the best as I could into this calculator- http://kippenjungle.nl/Overzicht.htm#kipcalculator

The results said for the most part about a third black, a third white, a third barred but of course theres gonna be some natural variation and such. I think the biggest hurdle you're gonna have is getting back to the polish look, the full crest, the comb, the white crest, although unless you're breeding for standard it should be just a fun project, good luck :D

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