We are all moved and I am a Chicker Wrangler.


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So Ken brings home a 53 foot big rig for us to move in, just to be sure we don't need to make two trips. Um, yeah. We could only fill 3/4 of that thing, and that included the HUGE chicken house, all the birds, all the fencing, everything. So what did we forget? The water cooler.

Ken fell off the back of the truck and the only thing wounded was his pride. Then it came time to get the chickens in the cages that I was so thankfully able to borrow from animal control. I sent the boys down there to do it. An hour later, three chickens were in the cages. I took my fancy self on down there and showed them how it was done. 15 minutes to cage 55 chickens and 10 ducks. 10 minutes to get the 6 freakin ducks.

Note self: Don't try moving ducks again.

Next came the power struggle to gt the horses in the trailer. Duchess took about 30 minutes to get in there. Duke on the other hand, is apparently part mule. After an hour of trying, we finally said SCREW THIS and shove his 800 lb butt into the trailer. He still has a tude with Ken.

We get to the new house and everyone is pooped. So I had a thought. I went to the burger place and got food and a case of beer. They ate, lolled around again. I broke out the beer. Everyone started drinking and lo and behold the truck was unloaded in two hours.

Note to self: Beer is a good motivator for men.

24 hours in the place and the neighborhood busy body, 198 years old at least, and a former attorney (
) came over to tell us at 5:30 in the morning she had 5 phone calls from neighbors complaining about our roos. She repeated herself so many times, we knew it was all BS. We checked with other neighbors, no issues, and yes she is a busybody with surveillance cameras to watch everyone.

Then - drumroll please. The back neighbors are squatters. They have two really nasty boxers (never met a nasty boxer before either). Last night one dug into our yard and started nipping at the horses. Ken hollers CALL THE POLICE. So animal control comes out, after Kenny knocked the thing out with a baseball bat after charging Ken and me both. They took the somewhat stunned dog away and left a $580 fine on their door. Haven't seen the other dog all day. Scooter sounded the alarm and once again, that mutt saved our animals.

Note to self: Not all boxers are nice

Very nice house, very nice area, the horses are happy and the girls are laying already!!!!
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Holy cow, that's some story... I'm tired just from reading about all your adventures.

Keep us posted on the neighbor situation. I'm sure there's more stories to come!

Glad everyone is healthy and well! Enjoy the new place!!!

Note to Debi: Have a beer or 2 or 3.. or.. (you get my point..) for yourself...
Note to Debi: I never saw a mean boxer before either...

Note to Debi: I could have told ya about the ducks... *snicker*
Note to Debi: Work on getting the elderly lawyer neighbor commited for having alzhimers (sp?)....
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My old neighbor had a pretty bad Boxer, well not nasty-agressive bad -it could have been worse....but yeah...I still have animal control on speed dial and they've been gone for over a year!
I'm so happy you guys found a place, and that you love it! Next time nosy neighbor shows up to say others are complaining just say "Are these the same ones that are telling me about your surveillance cameras aimed at everyone?"
She TOLD us about the cameras. And she spun a tale of old neighbors having 60 roosters for a game I cannot mention here. And two years of racial tension and police involvement. Honestly? I can see there may have been an issue, but I can also see that the neighbors around us think she is whacked.

We REALLY love it here. The people we have met, with exception to Miss Sandy, have been really nice, have the same kinds of animals we have, and are very down to earth.
On my first move from and apartment to a house, we had to provide the pizza and beer prior to moving in as the termite tent was still up. Yeah, the guys were really motivated after that, but I was still a bit unnerved when they started tossing things like lamps to each other.

I've only ever met mean boxers. I was walking Rocket in the town park one day and some idiot neigbors let all 4 of their boxers loose and they attacked my friendly, never hurt anyone boy. I had to let him off the leash and he escaped into the swamp while I am screaming for help. 3 of the dogs went for him, the 4th I was able to head off and got him to stop his charge. IN the meantime the two owners just kept calmly walking as if nothing was wrong.

Hope the busybody is ignorable.

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