We are published!


Green Eggs and Hamlet
12 Years
Jul 7, 2007
Middle TN
So months ago this new guy showed up on here wanting to use some of our coops in his book. There was some discussion about whether he was a scam or not. I admit to being a little leary, but I sent him coop pictures anyway. So turns out he was legit. The book is out and showed up in my mailbox the other day.
Check it out!

As far as I can tell it is all BYC members. I'm not sure who is who since it doesn't list usernames. Speak up if you are included!

Go BYC for being published!
My coop is in there...Page 88. I was a bit cautious too, at first, but I did a little checking around on the net, and I learned he was a legit publisher of mostly woodworking and how to kinds of books. My kids were so excited when the book showed up on Friday. Thanks for the Amazon link! My folks wanted to buy a copy, but told them I didn't think it was for sale just yet.

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