We bought ducks


Aug 28, 2019
So I was told by my SO if I read about how to care for ducks, I could have them. So I scoured the internet for all sorts of information - lol and behold, the next day we pick up four unsexed, nondescript breed ducklings, only a week old! I kept reading about them to see what else I could learn and what to expect at certain stages. That was a month ago.

Today, one of them didn't make it; her name was Ellie but she could have been a male. It doesn't matter. She had splayed leg and we had been splinting her. We tried keeping her in a sling and swimming her under supervision for exercise. We kept her separate but allowed visitations with her former roommates. She was so sad at the end and I held her and she tried to fly away. She looked at me and her head slowly fell to the side as she stopped breathing. I've perused this forum multiple times for advice on what to do. I'm now reminding myself that this is mother nature as well. We have three incredibly healthy, rambunctious "teenage" ducklings that still need love.

So my journey continues to educate myself on ducks and I hope to learn more from this incredibly helpful community.


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Good evening and welcome to the BYC flock!!! You said it exactly "it's a nature thing", but it makes it so much harder when they are special needs. I know as I'm raising two SN (one chick and one duckling) I worry all the time about if something else besides what I know is wrong with them! Lots of hugs.

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