We discovered that our 4 month old chicks are eating potting soil out of pots. Is this safe for them


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Jun 1, 2016
We discovered that our 4 month old chicks have been eating out of pots that have potting soil in them with old roots for a few days - the plants died and were thrown away but they are eating the soil. Is the potting soil safe for them to digest?
I wouldn't imagine it's an issue, but you could remove the pots just to be on the safe side.

I won't worry then, if it's alright. Someone suggested that maybe they are needing something like grit if they are eating dirt. I do have a bowl of grit for them sitting out by the door of the coop and also have a bowl of oyster shell. I have seen one of the chicks eating a little bit of the grit, but they keep coming back to the pots constantly, like the potting soil is candy to them or something. I also have plenty of food and water out and see all 3 of my chickens eating and drinking from those as they should. Our 7 month old hen is now eating out of the pots too, so I thought I would double check before I try to place the pots somewhere else - right now they are around my patio and down low. I guess I won't worry about moving the pots if it's alright, although my chickens are starting to make quite a mess. Also, I plan to have flowers or herbs in them again once our hot months are over.

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