We don't rent Pigs

Not for nothin but, yeah I have been eyeing your signature and scratching my head.... To each their own, and we're all a little bit crazy here.

I've actually heard of it and know of the reason behind it......

Many a farmer would use pigs for stump removal..... Yup, you heard right. They would fall a tree and cut it close to the ground. Then all around the stump they would pound rods down and remove them pouring shelled corn into the holes. Then they would move the pigs into a portable pen around the stumps and the pigs would chew and root around the stump trying to get all the corn out. After about a week all they had to do was hook the tractor up to it and pop it out because the pigs had chewed through all the roots at the base to get to the corn.

Pig farmers used to rent them out for this purpose also.........


I know I'm a redneck and proud of it!
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